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Marty Mac Moore is an Advertising, Commercial, Editorial Photographer & Filmmaker,  born in 1979 & is currently based in Los Angeles, CA & Scottsdale, AZ.


Cinematographer & Photographer Marty Mac Moore has been drawn to the world of Still Photography at the early age of 7 when he saw his father medium format Russian made Lubitel camera, that was the moment a new beginning was instilled in me but years passed & despite my tremendous & joyfull passion with Film photography and medium format & 35mm film cameras, my relationship with still photography was always kept as pure hobby. It wasn't until almost 26 years later that he finally realized that Photography & Motion Pictures was his long lived lost call. After being in IT Sales for over 15 years he knew nothing else will satisfy his artistic spirit and passion & creating & capturing the moments & memories was what he has always passionately intended to do. 

In the early 2000 after living in Vienna & Salzburg Austria for couple of years I was memorized with the beauty of alps & renaissance architecture in Vienna & Germany, he found new love in Landscape photography, seeing the breathtaking Alps and all it had to offer made me want to capture it's beauty through pictures.

After enrolling in Film School I chose to dedicate a good portion of his artistic focus in photography in conjunction with cinematography, in 2012 I started working as full time freelance photographer & cinematographer.

Marty enjoys working in challenging and dynamic environments and scenarios, advertising, commercial & music videos & wedding photography are all presenting me a dynamic demanding & challenging scenarios which forces me to stay creative.

When not photographing Marty enjoys spending time with his family, collecting  70s 80s music records & CDs, he also enjoys playing guitars and finding new tunes as well as going to rock music concerts. Marty is as an avid music listener & collector, since 1990 he has collected an archive combined of thousands of records & CDs in many genres of music.

In addition to being a fulltime photographer, Marty is professionally trained sound engineer, he has studied with the finest and most revolutionary names in the history of rock music at MI Los Angeles.

He has lived in many cities around the globe, lived in 3 different continents & visited more than 100 cities & countries worldwide, he enjoys learning about new cultures & languages. Marty currently resides between Los Angeles, CA & Phoenix, AZ with his family.

He often travels for editorial & advertising assignments as well as very limited number of weddings throughout the USA & Internationally, his professional services ranging from commercial & editorial photography, cinematography & filmmaking to portrait & wedding photography which is one of the main focus of both his artistic & business endeavors.

Whether you're in need of a advertising, commercial or editorial creative content for your brand & business or you're looking for a talented artist in capturing and creating your next family heirloom & legacy of your wedding or your family portraits Marty will be honored to bring your unique moments to an everlasting work of art.

Marty's goals as a visual artist are to develop a winning content for all his clients, to elevate their brand & business thorough a creative approach & unique content development using the power of still & motion, to create an everlasting family heritage & legacy by capturing once in a lifetime emotional & meaningful moments through the art of photography that preserves your life stories in pictures for generations to come. 

If you like my images & believe we could work together & are interested on having me as of visual artist and story teller, please drop an email & tell me more about your assignment/events.

Our Studio is Shomer Shabbat business and we don't operate on Sabbath (Shabbat) & Major Jewish holidays.

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